Zoe and Tom – 14 December 2019

Zoe and Tom, you have chosen each other to navigate this crazy world with and made your commitment known in front of this chapel full of beautiful witnesses. It is my absolute pleasure to pronounce you husband and wife!
Zoe, you may kiss your man.

My gosh these guys pulled out all the stops for their stunning, beautiful, rustic DIY wedding. I wish i could show you all how fabulous this wedding looked, but more importantly felt, in person! The whole extended family prepped and made Makara Hall and Church (formerly St Patricks) perfect for their special day. Shout out to Zoe’s mum for her amazing florals!!

We crammed all their loved ones into the beautiful chapel, and stood and watched while Ella’s parents got hitched. We had some giggles when it was confirmed they met as flatmates, and our hearts melted when we saw the way they looked at their precious daughter.

Check out a selection of David James Photography‘s glorious pictures below.

Tom and Zoe: Thanks for choosing me to be your whanau’s celebrant. I loved it and the photographs transport me back to your special day. xx