Tara and Oliver – 21 January 2018

You gave me the support, the companionship, the love that I needed. You challenged me, you motivated me, you accepted me. You let me run with my passions, understood and accepted my weaknesses, and took my contradictions in stride.  …

 I can’t wait to live my life with you beside me and for our future adventures together – we will travel more, see all the sites we want to see, have rewarding careers, and eventually start our own family.


GAAAAH marrying friends makes my heart sing!! Especially marrying friends that you had a hand in shaping their early relationship stages (*cough introduced them but I reckon these soulmates would have met anyway!*). It’s a blessing to be able to bring your professional skills to honour friends in one of their life milestones, but at the same time it’s nerve-wracking to go ‘above and beyond’ for people you know … Luckily, my tears stayed in check, my jokes hit the mark and the secret reading went down a treat! Such a lovely ceremony to look back on and reminisce about.

Planning their wedding from London, Tara and Oliver were so much fun to plan and scope ideas with. They decided to get married at the central hub of the beautiful Mission Estate Winery in the Hawkes Bay as they have family and friends scattered all around NZ and, indeed, the world! You couldn’t ask for more in a wedding ceremony! Their ceremony was filled with laughter, some happy tears, advice from elders, and just plain old fashioned true love. I looked out at Tara and Oliver’s loved ones, in the blazing sun, looking back with smiles and sending happiness in waves. Everyone enjoyed the secret singalong to classic NZ tune ‘Slice of Heaven’ and afterwards we drunk good wine and danced up a storm on the dance floor (did I mention how warm it was?!). Dinner was mind-blowingly tasty, surrounded by friends and family bought together to celebrate this amazing couple. We love you guys!! xx

Recommended vendors

  • Eva Bradley Photographer was amazing and the couple cannot speak more highly of Eva and Andrew. Eva worked with them to understand what Tara and Oliver were wanting and exceeded all delivery expectations. “Every time we look at their photos we see something else that reinforces how Eva was perfect for us.”
  • Sentiment Flowers (Jasmin, based in New Plymouth) prepared the adorable flowers which perfectly matched the theme colours and used off-cuts of the bridesmaids dresses to tie them all together. Great attention to detail and looked amazing.
  • Bridal Hair By Danielle: Fantastic, knew her stuff, very flexible in terms of styles and did beautiful designs.
  • Makeup by Candice Dear: Great working with people who don’t use a lot of makeup in their ‘normal’ lives and she was professional and a great outcome.
  • The Pretty Little Details Co (Jacinda Esau): This cake was amazing!! Delicious and Jacinda was great to deal with from a distance.
  • Cake topper was bespoke and made by Wellington-based Stiletto Studio Cakes. It was so special and the topper travelled well too. Was a great touch to the grand reception.
Amazingly glowing testimonial (possibly the best I’ve ever received!!):
“Full disclosure: Miranda is one of our oldest friends, works with both of us, and first introduced us to each other. It was a given that 3.5 years later she would be the one to marry us. Some would say that makes us biased, but we like to just think of it as “full service celebranting”.
From the start of the planning process to the end of the day, Miranda made our wedding day amazing, and we cannot thank her enough for all she did. Miranda’s knowledge of wedding planning, vendors and ideas is incredibly comprehensive. She knows and can recommend people all around the country – and if she doesn’t know, she has extensive and reliable networks to find out. Just as important to what she knows is the way she deploys that knowledge – never pushy, always trying to give us ideas and options but not push her own views or favourites.
In planning the ceremony, she put real effort into designing a ceremony that fitted what we wanted – matching tone and content to us, helping us work through ideas, and making sure it would reflect the day we wanted.
On the day, Miranda brought an amazing mix of professionalism, sensitivity and fun. Her focus was solely on what would give us the best day, drawing on her extensive experience to ensure everything (and everyone) went smoothly for us.
Miranda brings such genuine and unbounded joy for what she is doing, and it is clear in everything she does – she has set out to “marry all the people”, and we couldn’t imagine our wedding day without her being the one to marry us.”