Sarah and Logan – 4 July 2014

If we were the sole survivors of a zombie apocalypse and you were bitten and transformed into a walking corpse I wouldn’t even pick up my assault shotgun, I’d just let you take a bite out of me, because I’d rather be undead forever with you than alive alone without you.

I cannot rave more about this STUNNING wedding. I wish I could have a party like this every weekend. It was amazing which isn’t at all surprising considering how amazing Logan and Sarah are 🙂
Testimonial: Logan and I were excited to have Miranda as our wedding celebrant as she offered a fresh perspective on what we could do with our ceremony – she was not only amazingly helpful with planning the ceremony but became vital in our whole wedding planning as there were a lot of small details she advised us on, there was literally no wedding question I could ask her that she didn’t know about.

Leading up to the wedding Miranda, Logan and I worked together on the ceremony and she was great not only with making our ideas work but also with my vague instructions like ‘can you tell people not to take photos?’

Miranda not only delivered an excellect ceremony but was a critical part of our whole day, I’ve heard she was great company for the other guests, kept me up to date with where things were at during various points of the day and night and she was a whole ball of fun when it came time for the photo-booth. making sure as many people as possible got in there for silly pictures!
As Logan and I got married on my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary she was kind enough to speak a second time later in the evening and read a poem to help us honour them.

Even now, a couple of months later, people still comment to me how good a job she did and how much fun she was to have there. I recommend Miranda 110% to anyone planning a wedding. She took on more than her fair share of responsibility and made sure everyone, but most of all, Logan and I, had an amazing time with absolutely nothing to worry about!

Photography: Photography by Jane

Cake: Grace at Sweet Bakery (The cake was so delicious that the day after the wedding the gorged on it to the point of making myself ill.)

Makeup: Claudine Stace

Dress: Philippa and Alice

Catering: Baxters Catering

Flowers: Florist Crazy (Wellington)

Jewellery: Village Goldsmiths

Sound and Lighting: Audio Avenue