Rene and Karl – 10 October 2020

I promise to learn Mandarin so I can be closer with your family, to be honest, faithful and kind. I promise to be patient and understanding, at least some of the time.

From that moment, you stunned me, distracted me, influenced me, and challenged me in a way that no human being ever has.You have become a part of me that makes me want to be better every day. 

The world is a strange place at the moment, and families are separated throughout the globe. But then there are moments of absolute beauty, love, and kindness. Rene and Karl’s wedding at Makara Chapel was one of these moments. Liam Yu (here) captured some gorgeous photos of a truly wonderful intimate wedding. Thanks so much for choosing me to officiate your wonderful moment.

Shout out to the other excellent vendors: Make up/hair Xuan xuan, Florist Flower Rediscovered,and cupcakes/macrons Creamy Peony. And to Rene’s family overseas who sent her who perfect dress; it was beautiful

Testimonial: “It feels like it has been ages since we married. It was a magical day and we really appreciate all your help! You are very popular among our guests too. They all commented about how good you are and would look you up online if they have friends/family getting married. :)”