Nic and Dan – 1 November 2014

 I’ve had the pleasure to meet some of you already and I confessed to some of you that I’m one of Nic’s massage clients as I’m an overworked office worker. While the latter part of that sentence is true, I’m not actually a client of Nic’s.

I’m actually here today with another surprise hat on. I’m here as Nic and Dan’s marriage celebrant.

Surprise!! The 40th birthday celebration you thought you were attending is actually a surprise wedding! Best. Surprise. Ever! It was such a special evening at Vivo (now Thief) and everyone even helped to read out vows – it was a great community of love for Nic and Dan.  Laura at Losh Photography took some amazing photos and everyone is smiling in all of them. I wish every wedding was as fantastic as this one 🙂


“I’d narrowed down the list of potential celebrants to four (Miranda was already at the top from reviews I’d read).  As we were throwing a surprise wedding we needed to find someone who would work in with our crowd and be in full support of our ideas, as we weren’t having a traditional wedding.

Within 2 minutes of meeting Miranda I knew she was the celebrant for us.  Oozing fun and full of can-do attitude.  We shared a wine – further cementing the fact I already knew I didn’t need to call any other celebrants on my list.

Miranda provided some really good advice and the whole process from woe to go was super easy.

Testament to her being an all round great person is the fact that our wedding guests wouldn’t let her leave our wedding. She kept getting dragged back in for ‘just one more drink, one more dance’! 

Highly highly recommend her services!”