Naomi and Michael – Martinborough – 10 January 2014

Their setting was perfect, their guests arrived from all over the world, they scrubbed up amazingly well, the Martinborough weather was wonderful – of course Naomi and Mike were the perfect couple! Standing amongst the vines of Poppies, they spoke of their love for one another and meant every single word. Standing between them I could see the way they looked at each other: they had found their soul mates and their day to celebrate together and with all their family and friends had finally arrived. I wish Mike and  Naomi all the love in the world, with tears of happiness shining through all my memories of that day. This is my favourite venue in Martinborough and it was a pleasure assisting you in taking your first steps together as a married couple.

Where: Poppies, Martinborough

Catering:  Sarah Searancke Catering, Wellington

Cake: Sweet Bakery and Cakery, Wellington

Sweets: Couture candy buffet company, Wellington

Photographer: I Do Photography (Jody Lidstone), Auckland

Testimonial:During our wedding planning, Michael and I decided that we wanted a trendy celebrant who we can relate to and provide a professional service but with an engaging energy.This is how we found Miranda. During our first meeting, we were drawn to Miranda’s energy, her consultative approach and how relatable she was. We could see that she could easily fit-in with our friends.Her enthusiasm was infectious and advice were reassuring and gratefully received as we have never been married before, so were not privy to the details of weddings. Her follow-through/ reminders were fantastic, especially when we lost track of time with the workload of planning a highly detailed themed wedding.


The day before the wedding, Miranda arrived to the rehearsal and walked us through the ceremony process diligently. However, it was the little things that really impressed us. Being assertive when it was required with our large entourage to ensure everyone is on the same page, helping with flower arrangement & venue setup when she didn’t have to at all, and answering questions late into the evening well after the rehearsal had finished just so Michael and I were reassured. On the day of the wedding, Miranda was amazing with her delivery. She was very considerate (even dressed appropriately to our theme), and had a natural collaboration with our photographers. It was a beautiful ceremony.

Miranda, we are extremely grateful for all the help you have provided and for enabling what was an amazing day for Michael and I – Naomi.”