Myles and Bridget – 7 March 2017

I give you this ring as a symbol of my love today, tomorrow, and forever.

I think one of the biggest concerns couples have is “what is it rains” on our wedding day. In Wellington, couples plan for this. There are often Plans B, C and D to counter windy southerlies and sideways rain. Even in summer, it’s a gamble and it wouldn’t be a Wellington wedding without SOME rain.

Bridget and Myles are an international couple who decided to get hitched in Wellington. At Boomrock. In summer. And it turned out that it was in a middle of a storm. But I tell you what, the photos from Melissa Maguire Photography show that love conquers all.

We squeezed into the balcony and we laughed and we cuddled for warmth and there was so much genuine love for everyone here. These photos really do prove that it doesn’t matter the weather, the wedding will go on and the marriage will be amazing!! xx