Melanie and David – 4 May 2017

Do you promise to let Melanie go on a tiki tour to gather professional materials even though the quest objective is right there? โ€‹

Do you promise to watch that episode of NCIS or Bones for the millionth time with Melanie and not complain about it, much? โ€‹

Do you promise to try and listen when David goes on about audio and at least pretend to show interest in sound design, mic placement, and room acoustics, even if you have no idea what he’s talking about? โ€‹

Do you promise to let David buy that game on the Steam sale because let’s face it 90% off is a really good deal?

Such a great wedding at Silverstream Retreat!! Oh we laughed and we even had some happy teary moments! This wedding was beautifully styled with all the handmade touches made by Melanie (the beautiful bride) and the photos by Anna Munro Photography show everyone laughing and having a grand ol’ time!! I have it under good authority that the festivities and good cheer carried on well into the night – just like any good celebration!

I LOVE when stalkers become clients … and clients become friends ๐Ÿ™‚


The word awesome just doesn’t do justice to Miranda. I struggle to put into words just how much I appreciated her while preparing for our wedding. Dave and I got engaged over 2 years before we got married so we had a lot of time to research (read: snoop and Facebook stalk) our Vendors. One I loved right from day dot was Miranda. I followed her on Facebook (read: stalked online) for a year easy before I got in contact. Miranda helped with all the legal side, where to go and what to do, all the necessary celebrant-y stuff, but the effort she put into our ceremony, making sure it reflected us and what we held most important, just blew me away. Our ceremony literally had everyone laughing and crying and commenting on just how ‘us’ it was. Miranda was a confidante, re-assurer, and sometimes kick up the butt that I truly appreciated. Nothing was too much, recommendations for vendors, and an ear to rant to when the inevitable wedding dramas arose.
To say I can’t recommend Miranda highly enough is an understatement.ย 

Recommendations from the bride:

Kealey Skilton Makeup – Highly recommend! I felt like I wasn’t wearing a tonne of makeup (I was) and it stayed on all day (notoriously difficult with this face!). I looked like a great version of me, rather than someone else, which I really appreciated! Plus – I found a lipstick I really liked!

Anna Munro Photography – Highly recommend! Anna and Ryan were our flies on walls and captured moments I didn’t realise happened on the day. The engagement session included in our package was a godsend as I’m petrified of being in front of a camera but Anna was so laid back and put us instantly at ease. As soon as I saw those pictures I knew she’d do an amazing job. And she did.

Liberty Swing Band – Highly recommend! Loved their music, and their set up made our reception extra swish! Musical Director was able to read the crowd and change up the set list in a moments notice, amazing flexibility from such a tight group. Everyone was out of their seats and dancing!

Jasmine’s Bridal Shop (China) – Recommend! Can be very scary buying online from a shopfront you can’t see and from people you 99% are sure they don’t speak the same language. However Jasmine’s Bridal shop can recommended from a friend and it was worth it. You need to be very specific about what you want and be sure to check any surcharges applicable before starting anything, but they produce excellent work. My dress was stunning with a long train and hand sewn lace and beading.