Liz & Doug – 1 May 2016

Doug loves Liz because she always supports his decisions and ideas, regardless of how crazy they are, and never tired to be anything other than herself.

Liz loves the way Doug always makes her laugh and smile, guaranteed at least once a day! He makes her feel safe and loved.

New friend alert!! This couple are amazing. I know I’m not really meant to have favourites but I love these two. High school sweethearts with love in their eyes. This wedding was a family affair and there were plenty of smiles in the dawn of this new ceremony.

Special shout out to (twin)sister of the bride was the wonderful baker and cakemaker extraordinaire at Bake.Eat.Love!

Liz and Doug, your wedding and relationship is something that we all aspire to.
I truly and honestly wish you all the love and wealth in the world xx

Testimonial from the lovely couple (which made me cry!!):

“It’s hard to say you have the best wedding celebrant ever when you only really get to try one but after our wedding, we have no doubt that Miranda is the best wedding celebrant we could ever have had. She made the whole process so easy, had everything prepared, told us where to stand and what to do and made jokes at the groom to take away some of those nerves:) 
Everything she prepared for the wedding was beautifully written and just felt like us. She coordinated the procession and even stayed a bit longer after the ceremony to help us with getting our family together for photos. The ceremony was read amazingly by Miranda, outside on a windy Wellington day with no mic and it still went perfectly, which is a testament to how awesome she is as a wedding celebrant!!!!
The most amazing thing about Miranda was that she was able to do all of this so well while having a new born baby at home. Most people wouldn’t be able to make breakfast under those conditions but Miranda turned up on the day looking amazing and having everything prepared. 

Miranda is just a beautiful, awesome, kind,  fun lady and anyone would be lucky to have her as a celebrant”


Other recommended vendors:

Jo Moore Photography
Black Rose Florist
– (Twin)sister of the bride was the wonderful baker and cakemaker extraordinaire! Jess Harris
– Sophie Voon



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