Kylee and Blair – 20 October 2017

He falls in love with your laugh and your smile every single day…

You make her feel like she is the most beautiful woman in the world, even on days when she doesn’t feel it.

There’s something chilling and amazing about standing on the top of a cliff, on a beautiful day with no wind, and listening to bagpipes pipe a beautiful bride walking towards the love of her life. This Boomrock wedding was simply beautiful; but, more than this, everyone was there to celebrate true love.The photos from Anna Munro Photography show how stunning the day was – the smiles, the laughter, and that it was probably the only time I could get away with wearing my hair down at Boomrock! Kylee looked radiant in an Astra Bridal dress altered with new sleeves by Averil Manley Couture Dressmaker , while carrying beautiful flowers from Scent Boutique, and I’m told that the cake by Stiletto Studios was AMAZING (as werethe speeches and dances through the night!).

I’ve stolen this couple and made them my friend and I cannot WAIT to see all the adventures they get up to with their cheeky smiles xx


“I first ‘discovered’ Miranda 2 years ago at my friend’s wedding.  She struck me as someone that was vibrant, kind and fun and I thought to myself … if I was ever to get married one day, I would like Miranda to marry us.

That day came on the 20th October 2017. Prior to the wedding, Miranda was my “calm”, she kept me level headed and offered to help me far beyond what you would expect a celebrant to do – she was almost my wedding planner.

Meeting Miranda and spending time with her, Blair and I walked away knowing we made the right choice.  She energised the meeting, made us laugh and left us confident we were in good hands. She was so accommodating and I swear if we asked her to do handstands for us in the ceremony, she would have – she is all about you and what you want. She really is an amazing woman that does so much for so many.

Now for the boring stuff…correspondence is always answered promptly, communication is clear and concise so you always know where you stand, you get more than the professional fee covers and best of all… (this part isn’t boring) you make a new friend.”

PS guys, I totally would have done headstands for you hah! But I’m pretty stoked that you didn’t ask!!