Kelly and Maarten – 1 August 2020

You have chosen each other to navigate this crazy world with, and from here on, you will continue to be a team – a rebranded team – a married team! … It is my absolute pleasure to pronounce you husband and wife!

This wedding was an absolute banger!! It was everything you want in a wedding – a family who is surrounded with love and support, good food and drink, a buzzing atmosphere, and a gorgeous couple who were so excited to finally be married! Despite the winter cold snap, the rain stayed away and the clouds made photos moody and non-squinty (totally a real word)! The flowers that framed the ceremony, the emotion and the happiness that flowed, the Nosh food and drink … All of these wonderful details were captured by the gorgeously talenteded Billie Brook Photography.

This was my first wedding back after lockdown and I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive and wonderful couple to celebrate with. Maarten and Kelly were dressed to the nines, and there were smiles, a few nervous shakes, and much laughter. Shout out to Maarten and Kelly for surprising me and learning their vows off my heart!! There were also a lot of little people as guests which I just love; children always change the vibe of weddings and their emotions are real and beautiful.

Prefab Hall is the perfect urban setting for events – big or small. Since Prefab Eatery is now closed on weekends (big shout out for looking after their wonderful staff!), you have the whole alleyway and outdoor space to your space, and you’re spoiled for choice for amazing photo shoot opportunities. Kelly and Maaten’s whanau took advantage of some of the awesome spots within a few blocks of Prefab, and Billie captured the urbanscape immensely well.

I actually can’t stop raving about how special this wedding was. The wonderful photos take me right back to celebrating this love. Maarten and Kelly, thanks for chosing me – your day is what all weddings should be.

Testimonial: “Miranda just married us on the weekend and she was an absolute pleasure to have as part of our day. She made it all SO easy, is super professional and just an all round lovely person. I felt like she really wanted to get to know us and help us put together a ceremony that really reflected us and our family. In short – ? recommend.

Other recommended vendors shout out: Laura Simpson for beautifully perfect makeup; Antionette4hair for talented hair; and Rowan from love stomp floral for the blooms.