Kate and Coces – 25 November 2017

“Let’s face the world together. I hope we can enjoy more days off together and many many more holidays and animal snuggles. We are always so crazy busy with our 200 animal children and I promise to remind you that it’s okay to pause every now and again and cuddle the animals.”

“Our future holds lots of holidays together and working together to keep our project strong and improving and making it more balanced and having each other as a huge part of it in a sustainable way.”

Sometimes you hit the jackpot for a freaking cool opportunity to married some awesome people. And I struck the jackpot with these two ladies!A radical-pirate-harrypotter themed vegan wedding full of love and laughter (and hot hot sunshine!).

We had a beautiful late-afternoon ceremony at the Waihōanga Centre at Otaki Falls celebrating love and inclusion, hard-work and the ability to save the world. Kate and Coces run Black Sheep Sanctuary which I knew about due to my frequent op shopping in Newtown and Miramar. This Sanctuary is a lovely place where neglected, injured or abused animals are adopted and looked after. We were so moved after meeting these two amazing ladies that I donated my fee for this wedding back into the Sanctuary and sponsored Larry a rescued kunekune pig (so derp and so cute!).

Thanks for welcoming me into your lives Kate and Coces and I can’t wait to see you change the world!