Julene and Aidan – 25 January 2020

You lived life together, you grew up together, created a family together, and supported each other through becoming parents, completing your doctorates, and embarking on your careers. And after 16 years of turning your house into a home for all the loved ones around you, today is the right time to get hitched and have a lovely intimate celebration.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over half a year since this delightful short-and-sweet wedding at the Peace Garden. It was one to remember!

We rocked on up to the Botanical Gardens early on a Saturday morning, along with half of Wellington as it turns out there was a kids festival around the corner! With the tour buses, and children cheering and mingling around, it was an absolute pleasure to marry Julene and Aiden 16 years after they met during a geology field-trip.

I was joined by Teesha Jayne Creative, and together we were witnesses to a lovely chapter of Aiden and Julene’s love story. We wish you and your whanau all the best xx