Jen and Ed – 24 February 2018

You chatted about Deadpool, buses, tea and bun varieties, and then finally met face-to-face in a pub in East London where you drunk too many pints of warm beer to combat the English ”sun” until Jen had to literally run for a train.

You both fell for each other’s ridiculous grins and the rest they say is history! Jen knew it was love when she was sick and Ed made her a blanket fort and watched Disney movies in and ate all the pizza. Jen says it was lovely and she felt so safe and cared for.

She was happy inside.

Well these two are ridiculously cute. I’ve been friends with Jen for years and it was really something special to come together with their loved ones from the UK and NZ to celebrate Jen and Ed getting hitched. We laughed, we shed some happy tears, we were in awe of Jen’s light-up shoes, we took amazing photobooth photos, and we went to bed with happy hearts. Loved ones, delicious homemade ginger beer, giant lawn games, and some surprise pop culture references (LOVE SHACK BABY) tied the day together.

Their wedding day was, quite frankly, perfect. I still am honoured and humbled to have these two in my life. Their photos warm my soul.

So it’s with pleasure that I am able to share some beautiful photos taken by the amazing and inventive Anna Munro Photography of their special day to celebrate their first wedding anniversary.

Their perfect day vendors included:
– Hair and Makeup – the thoroughly delightful and patient Penny Rose
– Day-of co-ordination – the very resourceful Sarah Ina Alexander
– Photo booth rental – the versatile and customisable Photo Booth Fun
– Flowers were either scavenged from neighbours and put together by the lovely and super-exclusive Zanna Wharfe (flown over from London for her artfully hydrangea-arranging skills), or, in the case of the picture-perfect bouquets, by Flowers on Featherston.