Imogen and Trevor – 10 April 2018

“Marriage to you both is formalising a good thing – at one point you stopped being two individuals and started being one; you both think today was destined to happen and, more than anything, you both just wanted to be married.  … Your marriage will be blessed with many hours of reading books side by side in parks while sharing a thermos of tea.”

Wow wow wow!! Some couples are SO in love that they were always destined to meet. Imogen and Trevor were this couple. They radiated love and you couldn’t help but smile with glee and happiness when meeting them. They unconsciously shared touches and glances with each other, like sharing a private intimate moment, and being so happy to have each other by their side walking this game of love.

Put simply, they were a celebrant’s DREAM couple!

They came from Australia to the Wellington Waterfront where they got engaged where fireworks echoed around their celebrations. It was only natural that they chose Dockside to marry in a gorgeous ceremony with many personal touches. They chose NZ to marry due to our inclusive views that marriage is for everyone and I was delighted to officiate – albeit with happy tears in my eyes while these two were the real deal! Imogen walked down the aisle to ‘Cover Me’ by Bruce Springsteen song and at the reception Imogen surprised Trevor by changing her surname to honour his late father, Ken – and then there were happy tears all around!!

Check out some of the amazing photos below by Taylah Nilsson Photography (from Sydney) featuring book decorations from our local bookstore, Unity Books.

Beautiful testimonial: “Miranda was honestly so kind and lovely and looked after us both so well – she even helped set up wedding decorations for the reception!
As many know/saw, Trevor and I both were so incredibly stressed before the wedding (two people with a lot of anxiety organising a big event = two giant balls of stress), and she was amazingly helpful and kind, taking time to meet me at the car in the pouring rain, and talking calmly and kindly to me while I had a panic attack about walking into a room of people who would all be paying attention to me!
Trevor and I will forever be grateful for the beautiful ceremony that Miranda ran for us.”