Holly and Garrett – 22 February 2020

Before these witnesses I pledge to share my life openly with you, to speak the truth to you in love. I promise to show up every day and try.

Back before the world turned into a viral mess, we had the lovely wedding of Holly and Garrett. Holly and Garrett met ten years ago at a wedding. Like all great romcoms … Holly was a bridesmaid and Garrett was a groomsman! Neither of them remembered a bolt of love-lightening but they both just realised that they couldn’t do life without the other one.

After ten years of being together – 8 of those engaged – these two didn’t want a fuss; they wanted a party at the Upper Hutt Cossie Club. A party with their loved ones. But oh my gosh it was so much more than a simple party. Holly was so so beautiful, and Garrett couldn’t believe his eyes when she walked in. We had some nerves in the ceremony, some gasps of happiness, and a whole lot-of-party into the early hours!

Check out some beautiful shots by the wonderful newbies to the wedding industry, Natureinsync Photography.