Hilary and Ty – 28 February 2015

I cannot imagine my life without you and the kids and I am excited to wake up every day next to you to see what the day will bring. 

The Wellington wind couldn’t dampen our spirits at Zealandia in February as we gathered to watch Hilary and Ty become husband and wife. It was a beautiful moment set among birdsong and typical breeze, but it was  breathtaking watching Ty see his wife for the ‘first’ time.

Congratulations to you both – wishing you and your little ones many happy moments xx

Yvette at Piccadilly Flower Company (now Yvette Edwards)

Johanna Macdonald and Blue Ivy from My Heart Follows Photography (and here)

Entertainment and DJing by The Wedding Crashers

And five cakes from Nada Bakery!

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