Arlina and Reuben – 20 May 2018

Living without a kitchen for 9 weeks is a hell of a good way to find out who you’re living with and testing your love endurance. Luckily for you both, your relationship endured and you’ve kept on experiencing life and embracing all the challenges that come with living.

I’m so lucky to be able to meet a bunch of people from around the globe doing this job. I got to “meet” Arlina and Reuben via email to plan their intimate wedding in Wellington while they lived in the UK. They are a busy, unique couple and I KNEW we could create something very special for them to get married in New Zealand while they stayed at the super lush Sofitel.

We planned to have the ceremony at the beautiful Remembrance Ridge in the Wellington Botanical Gardens and had our fingers crossed that Wellington’s May weather would play ball. Wellington was where Arlina and Reuben had their first international holiday as a couple, so it played a very special place in their couple journey.

We did things a bit different at the beginning: the couple waited at this lovely outlook while the guests walked towards them down the aisle (so to speak). It was beautiful. The beauty of this spot was so amazing and the small number of guests were perfect to huddle close to, creating a circle of warmth and love and support for this couple. We celebrated a marriage where both partners are equal, happy and respected, and promises that they would grow in love and challenge complacency. The group then went to Foxglove for Brinner (breakfast for dinner!) and ongoing celebrations into the night!

It was an immensely pleasurable, brief, and happy ceremony which warms my heart when I look through the photos by Alpine Image Co (based in Wanaka and Queenstown) and I’m grateful that I was asked to officiate such a lovely moment. I wish Arlina and Reuben nothing but love in their new adventure in Germany.

Testimonial:  “Planning a wedding by email from the other side of the world is super stressful but Miranda made the whole process go so smoothly that by the time the wedding rolled around it felt like we were married by a friend. This was super important for a small wedding like ours because we didn’t want to feel like there was a stranger intruding on an intimate moment. Miranda really got who we were as a couple and created the perfect tone for our simple ceremony. We would definitely recommend her! ‘