Anna and Blair – 30 March 2019

I like the color of your hair,
I think we make a handsome pair.
I can only see my love growing
I like the way this is going.
– The Eels (I Like the Way This is Going)

Best friend’s partner shows you an amazing ring that he wants to buy her. You get excited and then have to hold onto the news for what seems like forever. Best friend gets pregnant to her babe’in partner. Engagement happens and much excitement and celebration is had! Best friend has a serious coffee with you where you’re convinced that she’s going to tell you she’s having twins (spoiler: she’s not!). Best friend lets you into a cunning wee secret that she’s having an engagement party, a baby shower, PLUS A SURPRISE WEDDING! #trifecta #hellyes #excited

So it’s fair to say that this is a career highlight wedding and it’s hard to keep my professional hat on as a celebrant while shouting from the roof of the Wilton Bowling Club that Anna and Blair’s surprise wedding masquerading as a baby shower / engagement party was everything you want in a celebration AND MORE. Words fail me. From announcing the bridal party on the spot, drawing a secret bridesmaid out of a hat, to having burgers and icecreams for dinner. The day was perfect and I wish we could do it every weekend. These two are going to be the best parents to their wonderful daughter and I plan on bringing up all the highlights all the time.

Some of the massive amounts of awesome people involved in their day: