Anna and Tim – 22 April 2023

Lover maker, booty shaker
Bug saver, late-night raver
Coffee maker, muffin baker
Music lover, sexy motherfucker
People feeder, truth seeker
Star gazer, sun bather
My best friend, until the end.


My gosh, my heart swoons just thinking about how perfect this day was (despite the wet and chilly weather!), and then I look at the photos by Photography by Andie and my heart is happy. I was honoured to be the celebrant and MC for these two babes at the Landing at Homebush.

These two put their total trust in me. Dream couple! Anna, Tim and myself decided to stand in the rain and carry out the ceremony outside in the slight (*cough*) rain, while the guests cheered us on under cover. This decision meant that the photos look like we were in our own little elopement spot from some angles, and that there was a whole crowd in other shots. It was just so special.

There were so many smiles, much laughter, and just a fabulous dose of love throughout the afternoon and into the evening. Tim couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw Anna in all her dress glory and he didn’t stp staring all day! Anna couldn’t stop smiling with the love that surrounded her but she only had eyes for her new husband. The grass may have been damp but the dance floor was HOT*!

*but not as hot at the couple!!!

I’ll let the photos do the talking… ENJOY BABES!