Andrew and Marina – 16 November 2019

A história do noivado é um sonho. (Your proposal story is one of dreams).

Most of all, I will show you how much I love you every single day. ( Acima de tudo, vou te mostrar o quanto te amo, todo santo dia.)

Andrew and Marina have the type of energy that you find rarely. The cuteness, excited-ness, the type of love that you find radiates into your soul when you’re with them. Not even a gloomy start to their wedding day at Ohariu Farm could change their smiles and their joyful entrance where they literally ran into each other’s arms at the beginning of the ceremony. Literally everything about this wedding makes me smile: the photos by Bradley Garner Creative, the laughter, beautiful blooms by Floriade, the happy tears, the weather, her dress (which I need in my life), THE LOVE. Oh the LOVE. One can only dream about the love!!

The process of writing this ceremony was lovely. Andrew and Marina wanted a bilingual ceremony so I wrote in mind that I would be part of a duo – one of us would talk English (me) and the other would talk Portuguese (Pedro, Marina’s brother). I worried about whether the jokes and sentiment would land, but frankly I shouldn’t have worried as the whole ceremony, the whole day, was perfect! When Andrew said his English vows in Portuguese, Marina’s native language, there was not a dry eye in the house! It was beautiful, just like these two.

And if the ceremony wasn’t enough, these guys surprised their guests by a performance with Wellington Batucada – 30 people dancing and drumming up a storm that we hid in the reception room. I get chills just thinking about how awesome this “recessional” is… NEXT LEVEL.

I’m going to let the photos and the video do most of the talking as I’m gushing and I’m running out of adjectives, but needless to say that this wedding was one for the record books, and this couple is one in a million.

So …. Check out the video and photos by Bradley and Jacinta of Bradley Garner Creative here. Shout outs to Becky Duncan @bakemyday for the cake, Andy Gartrell for amazing swooning, Flix Rose for heavenly vocals, Nick, Vee and Nigel from The Rolling Mill for the custom designed rings, Zowie Dee (my fav) did Andrew’s waistcoat, Happy Socks, Dune London shoes, cute dress from Brazil (and shoes), Roha at Meraki Creative for hair and makeup, and Bello earrings.

I challenge you not to feel that the world is a better place with these two lovebirds walking side by side.

Beautiful and humbling testimonial: Miranda is an absolutely amazing celebrant and is a perfect choice for your special day.  If she is available on your date, definitely lock her in before someone else does! From the moment we met Miranda, we knew we had made the right choice. She is so warm, energetic and helpful, and as others say, she really feels like someone you have known for much longer. 
With Miranda, you get more than a celebrant – if you need a recommendation on anything wedding related, she can give you some suggested vendors in a heartbeat. If you are navigating a key decision, Miranda will add her thoughts to help you find the path that suits you. Our ceremony was prepared and delivered in a way that was perfectly aligned with our style and the people we are – she also ensured our dual language requirements worked flawlessly. Miranda communicates regularly and is highly responsive – she provides a draft transcript well ahead of time to allow for tweaks and perfecting, including helpful feedback from her experience on personalised vows. On the day, Miranda keeps things running smoothly and is an expert in dealing with last minute change of plans – in our case our ceremony location was dancing between indoor and outdoor right up until the last minute and Miranda got our guests seated and organised in the blink of an eye once the decision was made. All in all, Miranda will make your special day even more special by delivering an incredible heartfelt genuine ceremony through friendly, experienced and truly beautiful human service.