Andrew & James – 14 March 2017

“‘Marrying the man I love is a powerful thing.  Today we are performing a political act that we would never be able to do if it weren’t for our queer forefathers and mothers.  This is a huge privilege that we will not take for granted’.

LOVE IS LOVE IS LOVE!! And on a brisk autumn morning, at the Wellington Container House, a little contingent celebrated marriage equality in New Zealand. Two of the most amazing people I have had the pleasure to meet, flew over from Canberra with their families to formalise their marriage. Each family member said a few words in support and James and Andrew’s vows were amazing. Their wedding rings proudly state global coordinates that mean something to each of them.

I will never forget the look that each of them gave me when I pronounced them “husband and husband”. The pride, the love, the heart swelling. #marryallthepeople #damnrightIsupport it

May your life be filled with beautiful moments and lots of love and laughter.


“Miranda was exactly the person we were looking for for our (second) special day – bright, fun-loving – and, of course – a lover of love!After a (non-binding) ceremony in Australia, Andrew and I were set on formally tying the knot across the ditch with our immediate families. This was a bit daunting – but thankfully a friend referred us to the services of lovely Miranda Zander.

Over Skype, Miranda gave us the lowdown on everything we needed to know. We felt a connection straight away, and were quickly laughing and chatting like old friends.

In an unfamiliar city and navigating an unfamiliar system, Miranda made us feel at home. She was laid-back, easy going and on top of everything. Her words were heartfelt, and fit the intimate setting perfectly. Plus, as visitors to lovely Wellington, Miranda gave us some amazing tips of where to eat!!!

There’s not much else to say, other than – what a great experience. We couldn’t recommend Miranda more highly.

Love, James and Andrew x”