Allan and Flo – 11 January 2020

Allan: I promise to build a cabin in the woods with room for your dog and craft supplies.

Flo: I promise to devise an evil plan to try and steal the moon for you, but you will have to do most of the work (and organising).

Allan: I promise to be your biggest fan and find new ways to annoy you every day.

Flo: I promise to always be your partner in crime

It’s not often that a couple has so much trust in you as a celebrant that they book you without meeting first. But Allan and Flo did, after seeing me in action many years ago, and I was so thankful!

They had a low-key vibe, informal, DIY, garden wedding which was exactly as they planned. The guests walked down a garden path, passing quirky sculptures and ornaments, gardens overflowing with blue hydrangeas, into a big field decked out with a band, table/chairs, grazing tables, and happiness. Allan’s dad was watching from somewhere up high, and the rest of their whanau were there to cheer and celebrate this love match.

There was evidence of Allan and Flo’s quirky styles throughout the day – right from their socks and shoes slash themed crocs from Flo’s side, Rawson Brothers Jewellery, beautiful gifted taonga, to their amazing wedding vows. I grinned from ear-to-ear throughout the ceremony, and, at the end of the ceremony, I had to tear myself away from the delicious smells of spit-meat and sounds of bottle tops escaping.

I hope you had a wonderful day Flo and Allan. The pictures show how much love you’re surrounded with every day, and your deaf dog was a highlight! Wishing you all the love and happiness. xx

See some snaps from the great Sarah-Lee Photography below.

Testimonial: Miranda was fantastic! The moment she arrived she got to work distracting my nieces who were doing a stellar job of squirming whilst getting their hair done, she is a natural at putting people at ease and making them feel welcome. The ceremony she crafted for us was perfect, we were not looking for a traditional ceremony and she took my ambiguous directions and ran with it to craft something unique to us. The comments I got from everyone who attended were of a no stress and funny wedding and one that they wished they had had themselves; I cannot thank Miranda enough for making this day perfect.