Matt & Asha – 2/3 January 2016

Together we will enjoy the important things in life like playing board games with friends, travelling the world and seeing cool stuff, and relaxing in the sun enjoying a cool G&T…

I will always hold your hand, help you finish bottles of gin, play board games and be spontaneous. You make my spine tingle and I’m so glad to be spending the rest of my life with you because, to quote Finding Nemo, when I look at you, I’m home.

You know how sometimes you just ‘click’ with awesome people? Matt and Asha were just those people. Together we fashioned a perfect ceremony (with Disney quotes and musical theatre references) and celebrated over two special days. TWO WEDDING ANNIVERSARIES! At one point I looked around the venue and all I could see was the love and affection that surrounded these two love birds. Gee, it gives me the smiles just thinking about it!

I’m also super excited as Asha is starting up a hair business in Wellington for the upcoming wedding season and I can’t wait to see her every weekend:

Vendor recommendations:

Best Celebrant: Miranda
Best Hairsylist: Hil Cook
Best Makeup Artist: Kellie Michelle
BEST BANDDDDDD!: Tin Foil Hats (Swingy/Jazzy heaven)
Videographer who was exceptional: (Ray) Rachel Dickinson of Soulhaven
Best groom: Matt.


Beautiful testimonial from the couple:

Miranda made getting married easy, relaxing and most of all unbelievably fun. Planning a wedding from the other side of the world was suddenly made pretty breezy with Miranda emailing back instantly to help with anything we were thinking about. When I initially started looking for a celebrant I was super nervous at the thought that some one I didn’t know was going to be up the front with us, in all the photos and a huge part of the day. I had many people recommend Miranda so I made contact and told her the feel of our relaxed/funky wedding. She replied with an awesome email that featured the words “kick-ass ceremony” which is when I knew she was the one for us. When we met her we just laughed the whole time. I was truly so happy to have her next to me at the top of the aisle as I felt I had a great friend beside me smiling and laughing with us.  Miranda, we are so thankful for what you did for us on our wedding weekend, for all the advice and all the laughs. We can not wait to get back to Wellington to continue this “kick-ass” new friendship.